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Aiming for Self-Sufficiency


The Bethel Babies’ Home and all the Family Homes are all located in one beautiful, spacious area. We want to make the most of the local resources to support our children.


In 2017 we were able to purchase 40 acres of fertile farming ground, in a neighbouring village, where we have increasingly been growing our own maize, beans and other crops.  We also have 2 silos in the Fountain of Peace village, enabling us to store up 10 tons of corn or beans in each silo.  Sufficient milk to supply the Babies Home, in addition to all the Family Homes, is obtained from our cattle which are increasing steadily in number. 

In 2020 we established an area for our own kitchen gardens where the older children learn to take responsibility for cultivation of their own vegetables on a home by home basis.

In 2021 a church in Texas purchased a Tractor, trailer, disc plough and harrower for FOP UG to use on the farm land.


In a part of the world where water is very precious, we are very careful to collect all rainwater in underground tanks to act as back-ups for our solar-powered water supply.