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Fountain Of Peace Uganda – 2014 Update Activity Report

Fountain Of Peace Uganda – 2014 Update Activity Report
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A refrigerator and a gas cooker were purchased, chest drawers, baby cots and a sofa set ordered and nearing completion. They will all be transported at once to the home in Kyenjojo next week.

Curtains were fixed in all rooms and the work was beautifully done.

During the month I had to engage the community through meetings to discuss issues concerning the way forward for the home. Since community members will be stopped from accessing the premises once the children come in especially fetching water, it was necessary that I meet them and get to work with them. I visited a few homes in the neighborhood, tried to talk to them on the current and future plans for the project and their role in its development. However, it was not easy for me to penetrate the community, as some didn’t even want to listen to me. I went to the extent of visiting drinking places, where more numbers could be found. These meetings will be on-going.

Plans for the month of March
We are working towards having our first babies in the home by April. We hope to finalize all the processes during March so that we are set by April.

We shall continue community engagement activities to bring members on board. We will do this through sensitizing them and making them aware of the entire essence of the project, in order to work hand in hand with them.

We intend to acquire babies through networking with already established homes, hospitals, Police with the help of Probation Officers. This will be quietly done to avoid excitement and overwhelming numbers.

We continue to appreciate the support and the efforts you have put in supporting FOP Uganda and pray that God continues to use us all as we make a difference among the children now and in future. God bless you all.



Kitchen sink being fixed







Workshop tiles being fixed 









 Cupboard frames ready to fix  







The front door of the right wing 







One of the windows 







Talking to the youth in another home whom I found going to fetch water  










Herbert speaking to one of the families neighboring Bethel Home