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Chairman's comments September 2017

Chairman's comments September 2017
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Having just returned from another very successful week in Kyenjojo, this time for an audit and forward planning visit, we have so much to be thankful to God for.

Mari and I were accompanied by Keith Shortley to whom we at FOP are so hugely indebted! He has blessed us so much with his invaluable Accountancy advice in addition to his real expertise in Business and Strategic planning, as we look ahead to the next 5-10 years. The days of being a “project” are well and truly over, and we now are an ever-growing organisation providing hope and transformation in the lives of these terribly disadvantaged little children.

As the FOP village grows, so does the Farming enterprise on which we have embarked in order to provide food and sustenance for the children and staff, as well as a sustainable future for the whole organisation.

We have come such a long way in such a short period of time. We already have two Family units with seven young children in each under the care of Florence and Sarah, our housemothers. The third Family unit opens very soon under the care of another Sarah as housemother, and it is planned to start digging foundations for the next phase in the near future. We do thank God for the commitment and love of these ladies.

The new Nursery and Infants School building is just having its final touches before taking the first children in the New Year. There are now 420+ children registered at the school, most of whom would have had little or no education at all without this school, and the next phase, the construction of the Primary School next door, is not far off. In the meanwhile, two of the original classrooms will be re-erected next door to the new school. Richard, the headmaster, and his staff do a wonderful job and we do appreciate all they do!

Due to the generosity of Chartridge Combined School in Chesham, the party travelling over from the UK in January 2018 will be taking a full reading programme for the pupils – all 120+ kg of it, much to the headmaster’s delight! The children have all their education in English which is a real blessing for them as they grow up.

We are just in the process of preparing a few up to date pictures for the “News” tab, along with some more information, so please do have a look.

Thank you all, once more, for your fantastic support which we so need and value, and for your continued prayers which are so essential for the work to continue to be blessed by God.

Andrew Shepherd