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Visit to FOP project by Lostock Christian Fellowship November 2015

Visit to FOP project by Lostock Christian Fellowship November 2015
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A team of 8, comprising 3 men & 5 ladies, visited the Project. 



Tasks completed included:

1. Painting murals on main wall of the lounge area, and also the kitchen area, in Bungalow 1 of BBH.


2. Priming the walls of 1 room in newly-built UK Family Bungalow.

3. Concreting a small ramp to BBH Bungalow

4. Re-locating the posts for the Bethel Babies Home washing line, blown down in a storm. Some became builders and external decorators for a day whilst Dave worked like a Trojan on the new office computer.

5. At the Rwenjaza Primary School the team enjoyed: feeding porridge to the children, making crafts with the younger ones.


6. Of course, we all delighted in acquainting ourselves with the 21 gorgeous infants at Bethel, although they were sometimes wary of our Mzungu faces!


7. We were able to tour the local village, sometimes praying with the sick and infirm.


Plans for 2016:

1) Completion of UK funded Family Bungalow with occupation by Easter.
2) Ongoing building of Uganda and New Zealand Family Bungalows.
3) Completion of Dairy Project & Grazing Unit to provide milk for the children and staff.
4) Completion of new Office block and storeroom adjacent to Babies Home, releasing space to bring more babies into Bethel Babies Home.
5) Ongoing work on new Primary School building to replace the temporary structures, currently under attack from termites!
6) Relocating crop-growing sustainability project displaced by the Family Bungalows.
7) Funding a minibus to provide transport for babies, staff and visitors alike when a boda-boda (motorbike) is not appropriate. Meanwhile, due to the generosity of a member of the visiting NZ party in late November, there is now an official FOP boda-boda!


As of the end of January 2016,

we have collected nearly

£7,000 towards the minibus.

Target £12,000