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Visit to FOP project by Andrew & Keith

Visit to FOP project by Andrew & Keith
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During March 2015 Andrew was privileged to visit the project along with Keith Shortley, who specialises in developing strategic planning for projects such as FOP. 

We had excellent meetings both with the teaching staff at the school and also with the Kyenjojo District Council.  With the staff we invited each of them to contribute their 5 main aspirations to developing a plan for the next 5 years up to 2020. This was a really valuable time. We discussed with them also the hugely privileged position they have as guardians of these children, in detecting early signs of trauma or unhappiness and knowing how to deal with these situations.

At the Kyenjojo Council meeting it was a great privilege to meet with local politicians who have a real vision for the future and whose wish is for us to work alongside them in helping to bring this about. Our discussion ranged from developing local community based projects, providing employment for local folk, to the idea of developing a local Tourism project, bearing in mind the great historical significance of the Tooro heritage in Uganda and the proximity of the project to Fort Portal, being the gateway to great places such as QE11 National Park and the Murchison Falls.

A joint visit was made to the home of 2 of our babies (being 2 of triplets) and to meet the family, study the circumstances and needs of that family, and to discuss ways and means of providing a sustainable environment to enable them to possibly consider having their babes back home in the longer term. Wherever possible, this remains a priority for FOP.