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First Babe Arrives at Bethel Babies Home, Kyenjojo

First Babe Arrives at Bethel Babies Home, Kyenjojo
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We were all so thrilled to hear the wonderful news from Peace and Patrick yesterday about the admission of the first baby to Bethel Babies Home.

This is the culmination of so much hard work over the past 7 years or so, and is such an answer to the prayers of so many. We do want to thank from our hearts all our supporters for your fellowship in this work, both prayerfully and practically. Here are the first batch of photos featuring Peace holding the first baby, the whole team giving thanks to God, the mothers trained so far, and finally Dennis, one of our UG Board members, looking as though this was his firstborn child!! Praise God for answered prayer as we look forward to many more scenes like this.

Please pray for Andrew and Mari Shepherd as they travel to Uganda to meet up with our New Zealand and Uganda partners. They travel from UK on 1st June and stay for 1 week, having meetings in Kyenjojo and Kampala.

We had a good reason to worship God as we dedicated the first born to the Lord in this beautiful new babies home.

Dennis, one the board members, took turns to welcome the Baby home.
After two weeks of residential training with Watooto, FOP mothers were keen to let it show. For the  little one, it was a bit of overkill…..from abandonment to three very excited mothers.