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Update on Farmhouse

Update on Farmhouse
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Our 40 acre plot of farmland has been used to produce crops for FOP and ensure we are less dependent on fluctuating prices and availability.  Our fundraising focus for 2022 is to raise funds for a farmhouse and out-buildings on the farm site. 

The Farmhouse construction has commenced. We are using local labour in making bricks and in building this new facility, including storage for grain, etc, office space, and secure shelter for machinery. With high food prices and rapidly growing children, our food demand is increasingly vital. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to provide a permanent water supply from the river 1km away and pump it up to the site. 

This has involved us with significantly more investment than was anticipated - if you can help raise funds toward the construction of the farmhouse, we would be most grateful. Please click on the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page to make a donation.