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100 cakes in 100 days

100 cakes in 100 days
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James Coker, a member of Church Langley Church in Essex, has come up with a novel idea to raise money for Fountain of Peace Children’s Foundation by endeavouring to bake 100 fresh cakes to sell in 100 days. What a target he has set himself!

The cakes are 10-inch and on offer are lemon, orange, apple and coconut, or banana. Also on offer is a 1lb loaf size ginger cake or a tray of brownies or chocolate chip cookies. James has confessed that he doesn’t do the decorating on the cakes himself, this is left to his wife Eunice to give that extra bling!!

James has been inviting local people to get in touch to order a cake which he then bakes and delivers within 24 hours or sooner depending on when the order is placed. So far, he has raised £500 in sales and pre-orders. If you live in the Church Langley area and wish to order a cake please do get in touch at or if you just want to sponsor James please click on the Donate Now button above and provide the reference 100 cakes.

Comments received from customers on the cakes include:

“Thanks for the incredible Brownies James!!!”

 “A delicious way of raising money for such a good cause”