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Update on FOP Chaplain

Update on FOP Chaplain
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Lawrence has been in post just over 3 months now and is making a significant impact not only on the children but also on the staff too.

Lawrence is responsible for providing pastoral oversight, counselling and spiritual direction to all those within FOP. He is responsible for the following:

1. The Good News Club which takes place every Saturday for an hour for all children from the age of 5 through to teenage years to learn more about the Christian faith through Biblical teaching, singing and craft work (resources shown in picture above). More than 25 children have been able to attend and participate in the club sessions. Through these meetings we are so thrilled to say that 7 of the older children have made a personal commitment to accept the Lord as their personal Saviour. 

2. Staff morning devotions during the weekdays to read the Bible and pray together. These meetings have an average attendance of 12 staff members. In addition, the FOP Leadership team meet on a weekly basis to pray together.

3. One to one counselling for staff members, FOP children and children from Rwenjaza Hillside Primary School. 

4. Pastoral visits which take place on a weekly rotational basis across the respective family homes. These provide an opportunity to get to know the children personally, mentor and pray with them and their mother as a family.

5. Sunday FOP Service from 11am to 1pm. As well as the sermon the service gives an opportunity for the children to participate in their respective houses through singing or leading the praise and worship.