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Significant damage to school and farmhouse

Significant damage to school and farmhouse
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On 17 September an earthquake caused significant damage to two classrooms at the FOP UG school (Rwenjaza Hillside) in the nursery section where the ceilings have collapsed. In addition to this, high winds have blown the roof off the farmhouse that is still under construction.
We thank God that no one was hurt in either the high winds or the earthquake.
We pray for God’s continued protection for the children and staff at FOP as well as the surrounding villages, where the community is extremely poor and vulnerable. We pray for wisdom as we look ahead and consider repairs and reconstruction that will withstand such incidents.
We pray for children whose classrooms are not usable, that an alternative will be quickly found.
Please remember especially Peace, Patrick, and all the team, who give their whole lives to this work, that the Lord will encourage them at this time.
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