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Give Nutrition and Essential Medical Care


Our aim is always to provide the best care that we can, both from a nutritional and a medical point of view.  In order to do this, every child has a medical assessment and all our children are fully vaccinated.

In partnership with local health facilities, we are able to provide essential medical care to all the children we support.

We are also working closely with the local District Health Authority, seeking to reduce high maternal mortality and other preventable health-related problems in Kyenjojo District, although this has been severely hampered since the onset of COVID and subsequent restrictions.


We help our children to grow up healthy and happy. Alongside medical care, we ensure our children have a balanced diet, sometimes specific for an individual child. 

Most of our foodstuffs are home grown, either from our farm land or locally from our own kitchen gardens.  Mothers and children love to be responsible for growing their own produce.  We even have our own cattle who provide milk for the older babies.


We are so thankful to our supporters around the world who provide toys, books and clothing for our children.

From an early age we read to our children and encourage them to play and explore the world around them. As a project founded on Christian beliefs, we also pray with and for our children and encourage them to develop a living faith for themselves.

Daily prayers, Bible stories and regular Sunday services for all our children are an integral part of their lives.