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Give a Child a Home and a Family


Bethel Babies’ Home (BBH)

In our spacious, clean and well-equipped Babies’ Home we can care for approximately 40 children. The babies who come into BBH are sometimes malnourished, frail and in need of round the clock support from our team of nannies.The overall aim of FOP is to provide children with a loving home and a secure future. Children who come to us are initially supported in our Bethel Babies’ Home, which was opened in 2014.

We work really closely with local health facilities to ensure the children get the right medical attention and additional support to thrive. It goes without saying that alongside the very practical support, they get all the affection and love that is so important.

Spending the very early years of their lives in BBH, our children are provided with a perfect environment to prepare them to move on to one of our family units later. By  the age of two to three years they will have moved into dedicated Family Homes, where a fulltime housemother will care for up to eight children in a family setting.  She is assisted by a full-time nanny. This will be the permanent home for each child until adulthood. 

As of February 2024, FOP is responsible for the care of 76 children, ranging from 6 months to 11 years of age.

Repeated government inspections have rated FOP to be amongst the very best alternative care givers in the district and an excellent model for others to copy.


Family Homes

Our aim is to provide a loving Christian environment for our children to grow up in and develop their own skills, talents and unique personalities. We are committed to caring for them until they reach independence.

As of February 2024 we have seven family homes occupied, each accommodating eight children, with their own Housemother and Nanny; this will be the permanent home for every child until they grow up.  Two further homes, catering for the needs of older children, are currently under construction.

Here the children learn the responsibilities necessary to help provide for their siblings, doing domestic chores and learning to grow their own produce.


Finding caring staff

Our managers, house mothers and nannies play a critical role in the lives of the children we look after, and we take great care in the way we choose them. It’s essential that our children have the consistency of long-term carers. We look for committed Christians who are able to devote their lives to these beautiful children, teaching them the principles of growing up to serve God.