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Give a Child an Education and a Future


In addition to supporting our children from the Fountain of Peace programme, we are also helping many local children receive an education. Until 2013, most of them had no access to education because the nearest school was too far away.


With the help of generous donors, Fountain of Peace built the original Rwenjaza Hillside Nursery and Primary School. Now, following the construction of a brand new permanent structure in the last 4-5 years, the school has enrolled up to 500 local children, as well as those from our homes, who now have the opportunity to go to school. Our intention is to extend the facility to include secondary and vocational training for young people as they grow up.

For the Fountain of Peace children, we have established a holistic child development curriculum (HCDC) based on a similar programme used in another large children’s charity.  This focuses on the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socio-emotional aspects of a growing child.  The children have responded extremely well in all aspects of this programme.


More recently we have teamed up with Harper Green School in Bolton, Lancashire and are actively seeking ways in which we can work together for the good of students in both countries.

We are so grateful to have received many academic resources from other schools in the UK which are proving to be an invaluable asset. In addition  we are seeking to expand school partnerships around the UK.