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Trip to Uganda 2018 by Katherine Hodson

Trip to Uganda 2018 by Katherine Hodson
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Having returned from Uganda just under a week ago, I can honestly say that I’ve been completely blown away by this latest trip.

I was part of a group of 15 people from the UK who went out to the very rural and very beautiful Kyenjojo region of Western Uganda (a 6 hour drive from the capital, Kampala) to offer practical help and support to the Christian children’s charity, Fountain of Peace. The charity rescues abandoned and orphaned children from the surrounding area and brings them up in an amazing environment surrounded by Jesus’ love. It was such a blessing to be able to pour out love upon them - but the charity is so much more than just the children! They’ve built a school, have an agricultural project, invest in the local church - provide livelihoods, security & future hope. It is such an inspiring place to be - the charity has completely transformed this area in the name of Jesus!

One of the main tasks we had as a team was readying the new primary school for opening within the first few days of our arrival, painting the entire building inside and out, erecting shelving, and cleaning & sorting out the furniture for the classrooms. There was a lot to do in a short time but the amount we were able to achieve was quite staggering; a real God-multiplying moment. This school is the first school in the area with a full complement of teachers and a full reading curriculum; the registration has had to be closed within the first week as it has already reached maximum capacity; such a blessing to the community.

We attended the official opening ceremony last week - what a truly humbling experience; the small gifts we can bring in the name of Jesus can make such an impact in this world. The heavenly sounds of African children praising God so openly and enthusiastically in their beautiful new school is a memory I will hold dear for many years to come.

As well as practical help, we had the opportunity to be involved in an outreach in the local villages - both praying in people’s homes, sharing the gospel, and at an outreach ‘crusade’ roadshow. I was taken aback by how simple sharing the gospel is out in Uganda; I had no idea what I was doing if I’m honest but I think we so often over-complicate it; speaking the truth of the gospel is simply enough ‘for the word of God is alive & active. Sharper than any double-edged sword….’. Having the opportunity to share my testimony at the roadshow was a real honour and God-given highlight of the trip for me.

God provided so many opportunities to speak and share my story, as well as be involved in leading the morning teaching. I was incredibly blessed and encouraged by the rest of the UK team, as well as the Ugandan team running Fountain of Peace on the ground. It was such a tailor-made trip for me. God knew exactly what I needed even when I didn’t. China was full of trials and challenges, Uganda was full of joy and love!

Next stop: DR Congo with World in Need in September...I wait with expectation!